Genuine Scooter Company: Poor Customer Service

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I ordered a 2012 Stella 4 stroke scooter in Feb.of 2011.

It did not arrive until June. A few weeks after I started riding it the speedometer quit working. I took it in for service and it took about 3 weeks for the part to arrive. A few weeks after that the starter quit working.

The shop fiddled with it for about a week and thought they had the problem solved. When I got it home the starter quit working again. This time the repair shop owner came to my house to check the battery and fuses and agreed that it must be a bad starter. It went back to the shop in mid November.

Today(Feb.8 2012) I got a call from the shop to pick it up. This company has no customer service department and the many e-mails I sent got no response. I recently got a call from an employee named Paul saying he would look into my case.

I have never before this encountered a company with so little regard for customer service!

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